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Shaolin Dragon Dance Troupe


The Shaolin Dragon Dance Troupe is one of the most experienced dance troupes in the UK. It is based in London Chinatown and headed by Grandmaster Yap Leong, who is also a kung fu expert. The dance troupe had performed continusly in London Chinatown during the Mooncake Festivals or the Chinese New Year for more than 20 years. It has appeared twice on the BBC Blue Peter Show, including outdoor events and festivals. In 2012, it appeared live on the X-Factor show as part of the supporting act for renowned singer Alicia Keys. The Chinese Dragon consists of 9 peformers holding the dragon with another leading the dragon with a 'Pearl'. A group of musicians accompanies the dragon as it dances and weaves along. As the dragon is over 20 metres long, there should be enough area for it to through the crowd or perform its routines.


To hire a Dragon Dance Team, contact Grandmaster Yap Leong on 07768 321 092 or email:

Dragon Dance for the Chinese New Year celebrations with

Tan Sri Vincent Tan and CEO Sunny LIm at the Cardiff FC


Dragon Dance at Kensington Roof Garden


Dragon Dance at Earls Court
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