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Grandmaster Yap Leong - Kung Fu and Qigong Master - A disciple of the late Sijo Chee Kim Thong

Grandmaster Yap Leong, who is based in London, is a well known master of Five Ancestors (Wuzuquan), Shaolin Fists, Chi Kung, Healing & Feng Shui. He is highly regarded as a top kung fu master and is an expert and advisor on other Chinese martial arts . Due to his earlier training background under the late Sijo Chee Kim Thong, he is also considered the most senior of the Five Ancestors masters teaching in Europe.


He first started training in Shaolin Fists Kung Fu and then in Five Ancestors Fists Kung Fu under the legendary Sijo Chee Kim Thong in 1968 in Malaysia, who subsequently made him a disciple. That was a great honour as he did not ask to be one.


Sijo Chee was renowned for his fighting skills, both inside & outside China. Because of his fame he encountered countless challenges. Amongst those he defeated were three renowned Shaolin monks. In 1989 Sijo Chee was declared by the Chinese Government as China's National Treasure. In 1991 Grandmaster Chee appointed Sifu Yap Leong to be in charge of the Tai Cho (Emperor Fist) in England.


Grandmaster Yap Leong's Lion & Dragon dance teams has appeared on the BBC's Blue Peter programme, Disney Channel, Carlton TV etc. In 1988 ( Year of the Dragon), his Dragon Dance Team welcomed His Royal Highness - Prince Charles & Princess Diana for the premiere of the film 'The Last Emperor' in Leicester Sq. London. The occasion was shown live on ITV (News at 10). Again in 2000 (Year of Dragon) his team welcomed the Prince for the London Chinatown (2000) visit, with the Prince dotting the new Dragon.


In 1999 he wrote a series of articles in Combat magazines on Kung Fu & Feng Shui including his copyrighted versions of 'The Ancient Sage He Says' & 'The Modern Sage He Says'. In 2002 he produced the Kung Fu Secrets Magazine, which is highly sought after. In 2008, he started his Hyl Energi courses ( which attracted interest from well-known personalities.


Grandmaster Yap is also an expert on the use of weapons and has conducted seminars over the years on the use of the short sticks (flute), beggar stick, monkey stick


Over the years he has been a technical or martial arts advisor to the following:

Dragon Style Martial Arts (UK) Association in 1996

White Crane Research Institute (Australia) by Sifu Ron Goninon (Guan Zhan) Director/Chairman

Hoan Lung Shaolin Quan by Sifu Peter Allsop

USA Wushu Kungfu Federation (Region 2) in 1994 by Sifu Michael Barry (President)

Chinatown Chinese Associaion London from 1996 to 2000.


Grandmaster Yap Leong

(1) Is one of the top outstanding disciples of the late Legendary Sijo Chee Kim Thong

(2) Has over 40 years of practical experience in both the systems of Shaolin Fists and Five Ancestors.

(3) Is well respected by Masters & Shihans (Japanese Karate) outside the system.

(4) was inducted into the Combat Martial Arts Hall of Fame in November 2011.


Grandmaster Yap Leong teaches the following:

Five Ancestor Fists Kung Fu also known as Ngor Chor, Ngo Cho Kun (Fujianese) or Wuzu, Wuzuquan (Mandarin) or Ng Cho (Cantonese) combine the essence of the White Crane, Monkey, Tai Cho, Tamo & Lohan. It is a system which combines both the essence of hard & soft, sensitivity, heavy hands to form an effective fighting system from Fujian, China. Its first form is called San Chien, Sam Chien, Sam Chin meaning Three Arrows, Three Battles or Three Strategies. It is considered to be the most basic or most advanced form in the syllabus.


Shaolin Fists Kung Fu incorporate both hard & soft techniques & applications and are based on the 5 Animals. It is very effective and practical in real situations. Techniques include how to deal with close & long range fighting, chin na, grappling, throwing, floor techniques and other cumbersome techniques. Traditional hands & weapons forms are taught. Technique includes unarmed defense against knives, machetes, sticks or other weapons.


Chi Kung or Qigong derives from ancient Chinese Practices of more than four thousand years. The traditional exercises are based on the Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire & Earth) and are practised for the cuultivation of Chi to develop mind, body & spirit. The Chi cultivation has the dual aim of promoting health and its Chi Power becomes an integral part of the overall Chinese Fighting System


Attention: Club Instructors: Grandmaster Yap Leong can be contacted for Seminars on Specific Subjects such as Five Ancestors, Chi Sau (sticky hands), Tiu Sau (pushing hands) Chin Na (grappling), stick fighting or practical self defense, techniques against other systems, including ground attacks. Small groups (up to 4) or a one to one private tuition available.


The Ancient Sage he says: Come up to the mountain top and I will teach you the secrets of kung fu.

The Modern Sage he says: I need to ask my girl friend for permission first & I can only train once a week.


For further information –Telephone: 0044 (020 7734 6391) or Email:


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