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The Power of Healing

Sets of special Qigong Exercises involving special breathing techniques developed exclusively by Grandmaster Yap Leong to harness and increase the power of Qi to alleviate illnesses, diseases and strengthen the internal organs for health, longevity and well being. More about HYL Energiser
A solution to complicated health problems.
Regular HYL Ener-Qi exercises strengthen the immune system and maintain fitness
Reinforce your Qi powerCorrect breathing techniques to unlease Qi or Chi power in martial arts
Foundation & Advanced Courses The Qigong extracts are tailored to be simple and effective.

No one is allowed to teach these exercises unless a current member and authorised in writing by Grandmaster Yap Leong.

The foundation course starts with the theory of the Five Elements followed by extracts such as:
a) Stoking the Dragon Well
b) The Birth of the Yin & Yang
c) Balancing the Yin & Yang
d) Harmonizing of the Yin & Yang
e) Daoist Begagar Offering Wine

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