Lion Dance

Shaolin Lion Dance Troupe


Shaolin Lion Dance Troupe has cultivated a team of top performers for events such as weddings, celebrations, festivities, anniversaries, birthdays workshops in London, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.


The team is led by Grandmaster Yap Leong


Shaolin Lion Dance peformance
A lion dance performance at the Kensington Roof Garden
Shaoli Lion Dance performers
Shaolin Lion team at the Arsenal stadium in 2012

The Shaolin Fists Lion Dance team has been performing in London Chinatown for almost 30years and is one of the most experienced and seasoned teams in the UK



Members of Shaolin Lion Dance Troupe
L-R: Sifu Annie Yau, Sifu Zhiwen, Senior Nat Reungkhum, Sifu Gee On Wong & Sifu Bobby Yau
Shaolin Lion Dance at wedding

Shaolin Lion team as led by Grandmaster Yap Leong with his team of experienced and dedicated performers

Shaolin Lion dance troupe in London Chinatown
Shaolin Fists team getting ready for the performances in London Chinatown 2016

A typical wedding which the Shaolin Lion Dance troupe had performed on numerous occasions.


Lion dance for hire with one or two lions, for weddings, celebrations, anniversaries or Chinese New Year - call Grandmaster Yap Leong on 07768321092