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Grandmaster Yap Leong - Disciple of Sijo Chee Kim Thong

Kung Fu classes in London

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Shaolin Fists & Wuzuquan (Five Ancestors)


Shaolin Fists Kung Fu system is based on the five animals (Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Crane & Leopord). It includes traditional hand & weapon forms. Techniques include defense against street fighters, boxers, kickboxers, grapplers or mixed martial arts exponents.


Can Kung Fu defend against mixed martial arts? The answer is 'yes' but with the proper skill, experience, foundation & knowledge.


Five Ancestors Fists Kung Fu (known as Ngor Cho or Ngo Cho Kun in the Fujian dialect, Wuzu, Wuzuquan or Wu Chu (mandarin) or Ng Cho (cantonese) is based on the Crane, Monkey, Tai Cho (Emperor Fist), Tamo (breathing) & Lohan (internal power). This advance system was founded during the Sung Dynasty by Bai Yifung. A 6th Ancestor (known as the 'Lady in Green Dress') was the underlying 'secret ancestor'.


Instructions on the traditional forms such as San Chien, 'testing' the form, applications of 'hard & soft' , chi sau (sticky hands), tiu sau (pushing hands), chin na & lots more.


Qigong is based on the Five Elements (metal, water, wood, fire & earth) and the Shaolin Brain Marrow Muscle Tendon Chi kung. It is good for long term health as well as harnessing the internal energy for martial art purposes.


Weapons include the 2ft, 4ft & 6ft staff, straight sword, sabre, & butterfly swords etc. Instructions on the correct handling & usage of the weapons, and ways of defending against attackers armed with knives, clubs or swords.



Classes suspended at this venue:

Thursdays: 19.00hrs to 20.30hrs

Archway Methodist Hall

Archway Close, London N19 3TD

Nearest Tube: Northern Line

(2 mins walk - cross road)

Bus 4, 17,41, 43, 134, 143, 210, 263, 271, C11 or W5.


For latest venue, call 077683210921

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