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Chi Sau

Chi Sau trainig is integral to the overall proficiency in martial arts. 

Wuzuquan has this in their syllabus,  as well as other styles,

most notably  Wing Chun.  Learn how to counter other chi sau stylists and expose their



Double-hand Chi Sau

This involves two practioners contacting with both hands rolling,

moving, turning, grabbing and/or changing, with the sole objective

of gaining an upper hand to neutralise or defeat each other. Learn how to sense and anticipate

your opponent movements or intentions


Single-hand Chi Sau

This involves only one hand against each other, either both using same-sided or cross-hand.

Learn the intricacy of sensing and changes in hand positioning and exposing your opponent's



Push hand - Tui Sau

This involves  two practitioners contacting with both hands or either hand, depending

on pre-stated rules. The objective is to take control of the other party by either pushing,

pulling, grabbing or floating.  Learn to apply the intricate techniques against tai chi pushing

hand techniques.


Chi Sau or Push hand - Tui Sau

As both discipline involves touching or feeling each other, chi sau and push hands

are practically the same, even if their objectives are different.


Chin Na - Seizing, Grabbing & Locking Techniques

This is an integral art of Wuzuquan (Five Ancestors) and involves techniques to neutralise, incapacitate and control the opponent by wrist or arm locking or a take-down. 





Personal Trainer One to One (or Group)

Grandmaster Yap Leong provides personal training (either one to one or a group) on Chi Sau, Pushing Hands, China Na or Street Self Defense ranging from beginning to advanced stage.  His knowledge and experience are highly regarded and respected by both Masters and Shihan.


His techniques are unique, practical and highly effective in real situations, unlike the common class orientated ones


Chi Sau - very often training is either routine, predictable or impracticable. If we are training chi sau to improve our fighting ability or move to the highest level, the type of Chi Sau we see is not sufficient enough.


If you are interested as an individual, instructor or as  a group, please contact Grandmaster Yap Leong for further information. 






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